Get a Regular Job
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Are you looking for a bunch of Dirtbags from the Northern Suburbs who'll drink your very last beer? Do you like Grindhouse, Dukes of Deliciousness, The Meanies, Cosmic Psychos and Seedy Jesus?


Does your vinyl collection consist of Rock, Classic Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll, Rock and Punk? Do you reckon all the kids are doing it wrong, that t-shirts should be black, shoes should be Connies, beards are tops, double denim & a comb-over is a legitimate fashion choice, no bar is better than The Tote and you still believe the man needs sticking it to?


Then grab a beer, strap yourselves in and stand un-steadily ready at the ramparts!! These guys are a right pack of dirty rotten bastards!


" A real dirty rock and roll band!! Dirty!" - Some ol' bastard!

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